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Custom Applications

More and more applications are being written with the use of SQL to improve development time and to increase the productivity of programmers. Because it is very easy to write SQL, it is easy to build hundreds or thousands of statements and embed them in Visual Basic, RPG, COBOL, or WebSphere applications.

SQL-based applications, on all databases including DB2 on the iSeries, performance tuning is necessary. Applications, database tables, and reporting change over time. These changes, along with new releases of tools and the operating system mean that the job of tuning SQL is ongoing.

Leftfield provides a suite of tools to help shops with custom applications or modifications to vendor software. They are listed below.

  • insure/INDEX and insure/ANALYSIS - performance tuning of SQL queries and identifying which programs run them. This allows quick debugging of performance problems and assistance with the hard work of tuning the SQL.
  • insure/SECURITY - provides a layer of security to protect access to data without the application having to worry about implementing much logic to obtain that protection.

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