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Queries take up too much resource

With the huge movement toward iSeries database access by end users as opposed to IT-generated reports, database administrators have the delicate job of allowing access while still maintaining control over the system.

In particular, the Symmetrical Multi Processing feature (SMP) of the iSeries often does not reach its true potential because a few "misguided" queries could potentially capture all processors, excluding other critical jobs.

The Leftfield Technology Solution? insure/RESOURCES.

insure/RESOURCES is an innovative product that allows IT staff to regain control over the jobs running queries. Policies can be defined by IT to proactively reduce the impact of run-away queries by automatically reducing a job's priority and timeslice for long running requests.

For queries expected to take a large amount of system resource, the query can be stopped before it runs.

All of these policies can be set for specific users or groups, for specific times, and for specific resource thresholds. insure/RESOURCES can be rolled out in simulation mode. This allows IT to see what rules would be enforced before actually putting them into production in order to prevent problems with existing applications.

For IT shops that have installed IBM's SMP feature, insure/RESOURCES helps manage the use of parallel queries as well, making it possible to use SMP support without the possibility of consuming too many CPU resources at the wrong time

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