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About Leftfield Technology, LLC

Leftfield Technology, LLC got its start as Centerfield Technology, Inc. Since being founded in 1997, Centerfield/Leftfield Technology has created a set of groundbreaking tools that help companies and ISVs more effectively utilize the AS/400, iSeries, and System i5 (System i).

Today we help our clients manage complex databases, SQL-based applications and the end-users that work with them. Our tools help IT personnel deliver high performance database access, reduce the time needed to diagnose application issues and control unrestricted access to System i data.

With the ability to help our clients take full advantage of System i hardware in SQL-intensive environments, our tools are especially valuable in industries that have a high transaction volume such as retail, distribution, financial, and pharmaceutical. Leftfield’s tools can help all applications that use SQL, Including legacy RPG code, packaged ERP/CRM environments, and web or WebSphere applications.

Centerfield/Leftfield Technology was started by former IBM and Showcase Corporation (now IBM) management and technical personnel with experience in design and coding of DB2 query optimizer features, ODBC driver development, and end-user query tools.

Centerfield/Leftfield Technology Firsts:

  • Developed the first practical software tool to help ISVs package their software on CD ROM media. This product is still used by hundreds of System i vendors.
  • Shipped the first SQL tuning and database optimization product to address the need to properly tune packaged and legacy applications on the System i.
  • Provided the first disk space monitoring tool that not only provides notification services but does autonomic “root cause” analysis to eliminate the need for IT to find the reason for disk spikes.
  • Created the first auto-tuning tool for jobs that dynamically analyzes database access and implements runtime rules to cut down on the job’s elapsed time.

The company maintains a strong relationship with IBM and ensures that its products utilize the newest features of i5 OS so customers are able to take advantage of the latest technology without having to learn it all themselves.

Leftfield Technology is located in Rochester, Minnesota, the home of the System i.

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