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Security Exposures

Although famous for bullet-proof security, the iSeries database does have a potential open door via ODBC access.

In many cases a user with a valid ID and password into the iSeries need only set up the iSeries as an ODBC data source to view, run queries against, and even change or delete data.

The promulgation of client server tools that require ODBC connections to the iSeries greatly increases the chance that a worker WILL have developed the expertise necessary to make an unsecured connection and then either knowingly or unknowingly do expensive damage.

The Leftfield Technology Solution? insure/SECURITY.

insure/SECURITY allows the system administrator to set up simple policies that quickly and dramatically reduce security exposures. With these policies, a layer of protection is added to the back-end database without the risk of changing the way existing applications work. Most importantly, the ongoing maintenance of security is minimized though a simple, graphical interface.

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