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Slow application performance

While it's true that the iSeries database is shipped pre-tuned for traditional RPG applications, there is an increasing number of situations where additional time is required to fine-tune the database, Including:

  • A query intensive SQL environment in which it is difficult for the iSeries administrator to anticipate which indexes should be pre-built and which indexes should be built temporarily by the system
  • An environment which relies on a frequently updated legacy application with a number of different developers writing SQL code that would benefit from a fast and efficient way of testing for performance BEFORE deployment
  • A system of OLTP applications and reports which increasingly relies on SQL rather than more traditional RPG programming and administration skills. SQL-based applications tend to be multi-platform, very complex, and posses difficult-to-understand query optimization technology

The Leftfield Technology Solution? insure/INDEX and insure/ANALYSIS.

These tools provide a proven way to efficiently capture critical performance information, isolate the problem SQL statements, and identify performance tuning opportunities. The built-in methodology and intuitive graphical interface greatly reduces the complexity of the tuning process saving money, wasted effort, and frustration.

The ability to identify problems and associated fixes in a timely manner is critical in today's fast-pasted business environment. The intuitive graphical interface in these tools provides a wizard-driven approach to assist those new to managing complex applications and database access.

insure/INDEX and insure/ANALYSIS fit into these high volume environments by providing:

  • Pinpoint data collections to minimize CPU and disk overhead
  • Automatic index recommendations based on your workload
  • Drill down analysis to minimize time spent sifting though data
  • An environment where it is safe and straightforward to experiment with different tuning options

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