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Popular with manufacturing, distribution, and other industries, BPCS has been a popular application on the AS/400 and iSeries for many years. The thousands of Infor Global Solutions customers running on the iSeries is evidence of a continued reliance on a solid ERP solution.

Leftfield has a long history with helping BPCS customers tune the application to their environment and to the way they use the database. Tuned as much as possible by development, all SQL-based applications still need tuning attention when they are deployed in a production environment. The additional tuning is required because no software vendor can simulate the thousands of ways their application will be used, nor can they predict the size of files and how they will be accessed when the application is modified.

This is where Leftfield's products come into play. For example, when order entry becomes a performance bottleneck, a key business process is impacted and needs to be addressed. Our insure/INDEX and insure/ANALYSIS products can capture the right information and recommend indices that are likely to help speed up order entry.

Leftfield has a suite of products to help manage BPCS with existing personnel and existing skill.

  • insure/INDEX and insure/ANALYSIS - effectively tune the database for fast interactive and batch performance.
  • insure/MONITOR - provides root cause analysis for disk use spikes that can occur when queries generate large temporary results or temporary storage quickly grows.
  • insure/SECURITY - protect production data against accidental destruction or modification easily possible through Microsoft Excel or Access.

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