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insure Security

Many of today's mission-critical applications are exposed to serious, potentially disastrous risks. These significant liabilities, caused by a lack of adequate security protection, can result in accidental or malicious damage to important business information. Most software does not adequately secure application data from remote access. As a result, personal computer and Internet tools can retrieve and change crucial/confidential information.

Leftfield's insure/SECURITY module enables security officers to protect critical application data from these dangers without the collateral risks associated with blindly applying traditional measures.

More importantly, the security administrator can chose to block the use of access software completely (like FTP), or protect data with granular controls enforced by the industrial strength protection of object-level security.

Key benefits
  • Low risk implementation Securing data using built-in iSeries security can introduce functional issues with mission-critical applications. For example, programs may expect that users have full access to certain information and anything less would result in application failure. With insure/SECURITY, existing applications remain unchanged, yet the data can be protected from access outside of the core application..

  • Easy management Just like system security, security policies can be defined in ways that minimize ongoing maintenance for IT. Rules can be applied for all users (*PUBLIC) or at the group level so changes are relatively painless to make as personnel responsibilities shift.

  • Rules are time-based Because the security rules are time-based, users can define stricter rules during non-working hours. This approach reduces the uncertainty of unsupervised activity.

  • Lock down Besides the ability to protect data, users can also implement policies that allow or disallow the use of certain access methods. For powerful data transfer functions, software like FTP, use can be restricted to only trusted individuals rather than allowing everyone to use these potentially dangerous utilities.

  • Comprehensive insure/SECURITY supports a wide variety of interfaces into the iSeries - AS/400. All of the major Client Access functions can be secured as well as specific interfaces from other companies (i.e. non-IBM ODBC drivers).

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