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insure Analysis
Leftfield's insure/ANALYSIS module gives database administrators or performance analysts a powerful and intuitive tool to gain knowledge and understanding of database and SQL activity for their mission-critical applications. Using a simple "drill around" paradigm, the user can easily do advanced data analysis and answer key questions about application behavior, performance bottlenecks, usage patterns, and file access.

Armed with the right information analysts can make informed, effective decisions with minimum effort. In situations where immediate performance problems must be found and resolved, insure/ANALYSIS enables the administrator to identify and diagnose problems quickly so action can be taken to correct the situation.

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive information insure/ANALYSIS provides data about SQL statements, individual jobs, application users, files, and indices. Both summary and detail information is provided for key performance metrics necessary to isolate and fix problems.
  • Correlation capability insure/ANALYSIS allows different facts to be easily correlated. This provides a way to verify conclusions and reinforces the need for and the characteristic changes necessary to improve performance. For example, it becomes a relatively straightforward process to identify the worst performing queries in a workload and tie those SQL statements to recommended indexes. The correlation can also be done from a 'usage tracking' perspective, so IT can generate metrics that drive overall management decisions (like system configuration or the need for user education).
  • Innovative drill down paradigm The intuitive interface gives the user an ability to 'drill around' a particular aspect of a performance problem so it can be identified quickly. Other approaches require a greater investment of time because the user must write or modify queries to find the same information.
  • Management reporting insure/ANALYSIS provides reporting capabilities so IT can generate reports for upper management or internal development groups. This gives operations a way to communicate with external groups effectively - with up-to-the minute information.
  • Extensible insure/ANALYSIS can also be extended to include additional reports IT would like to see beyond built-in reporting. These reports take advantage of the same intuitive interface and drill around capabilities, providing a consistent environment to perform analysis.

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