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insure Resources

Leftfield's insure/RESOURCES module gives IT control over the use of query tools and allows them to define straightforward rules that are automatically enforced to govern the use of system resources by tool, by user, and by time of day. This lets administrators manage their AS/400 from a global perspective and ensure mission-critical applications receive priority - isolated from potential delays or downtime caused by runaway queries.

Users can also define policies with insure/RESOURCES to effectively manage IBM's SMP feature. These rules provide protection against resource overruns yet allow applications to get the most value from their investment in parallel database processing.

insure/RESOURCES helps balance resources from a business perspective and supports application performance and control by providing protection with the following attributes:

Key benefits
  • Proactive versus reactive management Adjustments are made proactively not reactively. This prevents problems rather than trying to recover after a disaster has already happened.

  • Database focused Because insure/RESOURCES is focused on database access, it provides protection in the area with the greatest risk to application availability and performance.

  • Flexible rules Rules can be defined for individual users, by time of day, and for individual interface. This allows IT to manage their risk with appropriate coverage and not spread impact to all users or applications.

  • Rules tied to request Rules can be written and enforced by individual request (rules are not 'hardcoded' to a particular tool).

  • Low risk All rules can run in "what if" simulation mode. In other words, rules can be defined and insure/RESOURCES will report on the ramification of the rule before it is ever actually implemented.

  • SMP management SMP rules can be defined to take advantage of parallel database queries but not be subject to their potential downside.

  • Unique tracking No other product has the capability to record the actual queries that run on the AS/400. IT shops often do not know what end-users are doing in terms of data access, but insure/RESOURCES provides capabilities to determine who runs queries, what data is being access, when queries are run, and what actual requests look like.

  • Added flexibility for charge back Rules can be defined so individuals or groups can have different accounting codes based on the use of regular and query-based applications. This allows users to segment and track the use of system resources more granularly and potentially institute different charge-back schemes based on this capability. Source files can be stored on the AS/400 for use by traditional source control systems.

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