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System administrator

System administration is a lively combination of predictable work and unpredictable emergencies. Leftfield understands that applications can cause chaos, and help is needed to diagnose problems.

Responsibility Problem How Leftfield can help
System configuration and hardware recommendations
  • It is difficult to justify hardware upgrades because not enough trending information is available.
  • Making the right configuration choices is difficult for complex applications.
  • Information beyond just CPU and disk use is needed to project when new hardware will be needed. Leftfield's tools provide additional reports to help justify the investment.
  • Technical consulting calls or our database
    /ASSESSMENT service can assist you with complex configuration choices.
Reacting to system performance problems
  • New or poorly written applications can cause performance issues that are not easy to understand or fix.
  • Tools exist to collect a lot of data, but it is very time consuming to go through the huge volume and difficult to understand.
  • Queries and SQL statements occasionally chew up my CPU or disk space, but it isn't obvious what to do about it.
  • If the problem is related to the use of SQL or query tool, Leftfield has the tools to easily identify the problem. This information can be taken to the programmers or application administrator to be fixed.
  • If disk space gets used up quickly, Leftfield has a tool to identify the job and the object causing the problem. This can be used in conjunction with products from Bytware, Help Systems, or Tango/04.
Reporting to management about the system
  • Rudimentary tools are available, but they are not maintained.
  • Leftfield has data collection and reporting utilities that provide an inexpensive way to report on system and application status to management.
Data security
  • Data is at risk because applications are written to take care of security themselves, but ignore other ways to modify the data.
  • Adding system security to the database might break existing applications.
  • Leftfield allows you to protect data without the risk of breaking existing applications. Best of all, the tool does not require constant maintenance and is very simple to use.

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