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Managing technical organizations is complicated.

If you are a manager responsible for a team of IT professionals, you always have more projects than you have staff. Insuring the availability of systems and applications can provide many day-to-day challenges. Efficiency and the ability to react quickly to problems is key.

Responsibility Problem How Leftfield can help
Project staffing
  • Too few people
  • Not enough technical expertise in areas
  • Tools that reduce the time to diagnose problems and tune applications.
  • Education and consultation that can fill in where experience is lacking.
Project management
  • Applications run into performance problems soon after they are put into production
  • Projects take resources that would normally monitor system and database changes
  • Provide monitoring, diagnostic, and performance tuning tools to quickly solve the problem
  • Tools that monitor and report on key system metrics
Move from reacting to problems to proactively
  • Specific system and application problems are not being monitored
  • Performance tuning is not done until there are problems
  • Provide a variety of system and database monitoring tools to help identify trends before they become a problem
  • Provide tools to allow development to verify performance before putting changes into production/li>

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