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Executives - CIO/CTO/CFO

Leading a technical organization is complicated.

If you are an executive responsible for an IT organization, you have difficult and often conflicting challenges. Leftfield can become an extended member of your team to provide specialized expertise and tools to help deal with complex management and technical issues.

Responsibility Problem How Leftfield can help
Enable business processes
  • Poor application performance
  • Problem diagnosis takes too long and is complex
  • Improve the performance of complex, SQL-based applications
  • Reduce time to diagnose issues
Support end-users
  • Shortage of expertise
  • Difficulty to connect all of the parts in a multi-tier application
  • Minimize skill requirements by masking data gathering and reporting
Minimize financial risks
  • Constrained budgets
  • Need to show ROI
  • Choose between subscription pricing or licensing software
  • ROI tool provided to help financial justification
Minimize technical risks
  • Purchased software may not address the root cause issues
  • New software may not solve my unique problems
  • Software may not address all of my issues
  • Participate in a no charge, technical consultation call with Leftfield experts to see if our products make sense
  • Database assessment is a low-cost introduction to the potential of several tools
  • Features may be requested and added for unique issues
Build organization's technical skills
  • The right skills are not available at the right time or are too expensive to hire
  • Education provided on both products and related technology
  • On-site consultation available with skills transfer

Leftfield can help with many of the challenges with tools that protect data, tune performance, and monitor applications and their database.

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