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The financial impact of IT system downtime per hour varies by industry but losses can quickly exceed millions of dollars per hour. For example, the cost averages $6.5 million per hour in the retail brokerage industry, $2.6 million in credit card authorizations, $90,000 in airline reservation centers, $28,000 in package shipping services, $27,000 in manufacturing and $17,000 in banking, according to independent studies.

As a result, customers today demand their business information be available and accessible at all times. IBM's middleware offerings, such as WebSphere Application Server software, DB2 Universal Database software, and Tivoli System Automation software address this requirement, helping customers automatically maintain the flow of information while reducing system downtime.

Causes of downtime

NOTES: outside of Hardware failure and Planned maintenance our products should help in one form or another with the other 59% of the pie.

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