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Application Administrator

Application administrators are under constant pressure to keep the application up and running - and trying to keep end-users happy. Change is a constant however, and rolling vendor changes and programming modifications into production can be a full-time job. What do you do when things don't work?

Responsibility Problem How Leftfield can help
Rolling vendor fixes and local modifications into production
  • Modifications can lead to unexplained performance or functional issues. Complex applications make it difficult to identify the root cause of the problem
  • Multi-tier applications may make it difficult to tie iSeries jobs to an end-user - which is necessary to adequately support them.
  • Leftfield provides tools to allow SQL/database performance to be sanity checked in a test environment.
  • Before and after comparisons can be made between SQL performance so changes in runtime can be made to quickly isolate problems.
  • Tools that connect an end-user to one or more iSeries jobs are available (OneWorld, EnterpriseOne)
End-user reporting
  • End users submit many reports that may not run very quickly - and they want to know why.
  • The database is not tuned for reporting.
  • Tools can be provided to capture and analyze what queries end-users are running so either the database can be optimized or the end-user can be shown how to submit more efficient questions.
  • Leftfield's SQL tuning tools can be used to build the right indexes so queries and batch jobs run more quickly.
Application data is not secure
  • Application data can be modified by Microsoft Access or similar tools.
  • Easy to use tools are available to control access to data from software outside of the application.

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